How to Restore GRUB Ubuntu

Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to restore GRUB Linux Ubuntu 9.10 :

  • Prepare a Live CD or Live USB Ubuntu 9.10.
  • Boot from the live CD or live USB.
  • After logging into Ubuntu 9.10 main view, select the menu place.
  • Select the directory that previously as Ubuntu.
  • Copy the directory name with the click button of paper and pencil. Then will come the name of the directory, eg /media/xxxxxxx.

  • Copy the directory name.
  • Open the terminal and login as super user by typing :
  • sudo su
  • Then type the following command :
  • grub-install –root-directory=(Ubuntu directory name) / /dev/sda Example: grub-install –root-directory=/media/xxxxxxxx/ /dev/sda
    (make sure there is no problem)
  • Reboot (type : reboot and press enter)
  • To get into your windows, go into Ubuntu, open a terminal and then type the following command:
  • sudo su

Good luck.. :)